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Company Outline

Registered name ARAI Co.,Ltd.
Address 2-27 Nishiarai Honcho 2-Chome, Adachi-Ku Tokyo 123-0845 Japan
TEL 813-3896-0882
FAX 813-3856-5455
Company executive:
Yoshihisa Akita
Hiroshi Akita
Establish July 1979
Capital 40 million yen
Correspondent bank Mizuho bank, Ltd. Adachi branch
Sumitomomitsui banking corporation Nishiarai branch
The contents of enterprise ・Sale of chemical industry chemicals (organic inorganic industrial chemicals)
・Various precious metals compounds and refining consignment processing
・Recovery of the precious metals and refining consignment processing
・Manufacturing and selling of the recovery subsystem related apparatus of the precious metals
・Sale of insoluble anode
・Sale of ion exchange resin and activated carbon
・Manufacturing and selling of precious metals stripping agent and stripping solution
July 1979
Establishment of Arai Shoten
July 1988
Increase of Capital 5 million yen
July 1988
Named as Arai Co., Ltd
Assumes the position of Company executive, Kiyoe Akita
Feb 1988
Increase of Capital 20 million yen
July 2001
New building completion
Sept 2013
Assumes the position of Company executive, Yoshihisa Akita
April 2017
Increase of Capital 40 million yen