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Our company is recognizing the thing that the global environmental protection is one of a common key problems to the human race.

The resource and energy conservation activity is promoted for the load reduction of the environment. In addition, It continuously works on maintenance and the contamination prevention of the global environment.

1. Our company constructs the environmental management system based on 「ISO 14001」, and puts it into writing. Moreover, it is continuously executed.

2. Our company does the activity that thinks about the environment such as the reductions of the saving resource (promotion of reusing and recycling), energy conservation, and waste.

  • 1) Our company reviews the necessity and the amount etc. of the working environment condition and the equipments in the office. We work on resource and energy conservation that thinks about the decrease and the recycling promotion etc. of waste.
  • 2) When we procure the product and the material and buy it, the environment friendly green purchase is considered.
  • 3) In our business, It aims at stocking, sales, and the service of the ecologically friendly product.

3. Our company continuously sets the environmental purpose and target based on the environment policy, and tries the environmental reform and to prevent environmental pollution.

4. Our company will observe the law and the rule relation to the environment. Moreover, I will observe the demands postulated related to the environment that our company agree to.

5. It informs all the employees of the environment policy. Our company aims at the consideration improvement concerning environmental preservation.

6. Our company aims at well known in our environment policy to the supplier.

7. Our environment policy is opened to the public in general.